Albino Full Red

Albino Full Red ( AFR )

Albino Full Red is guppy that have albino base body and have red color in all body from head until tail. This type tail of this guppy is Deltai tail.

Galaxy Blue Medusa

Galaxy Blue Medusa ( GBM )

Galaxy Blue Medusa is guppy with blue color in all body. Galaxy mean It’s has black circle pattern in the had and Medusa it’s because in the body it’s has […]

Fancy Guppy Indonesia Scoring System – FGI

The Scoring System created by Fancy Guppy Indonesia (FGI) uses the WGA and IFGA references which are refined by adapting to current guppy developments in Indonesia.

Tuxedo Red Koi

Tuxedo Red Koi is a guppy strain with a tuxedo / half black color with red markings on the top of the head that indicates a guppy type of koi […]